LS Training Resources

La Sierra High PE Student Handbook

Here is the famous La Sierra High PE Student Handbook, which outlines the program in action, including their testing levels.


If you are really interested in implementing at your school, you may want to have  Ron Jones, MS, visit your school for an in-service and provided the instruction to pull it off.   Ron is the historical and physical educator who has been researching this for the past decade and working with the La Sierra High alumni and coaches to bring this back to life.  He approached filmmaker Doug Orchard about the need for a documentary on this topic.

You can reach Ron Jones at +1 (918) 370-2233.

Strength & Endurance Routine Training Video

Ron Jones leads in this training video for the 12 minute ‘Strength & Endurance Routine’ which was how La Sierra High PE started each PE session.  Kevin Rail plays the role of the student.  A huge ‘thank you’ to the alumni and coaches of La Sierra High who provided instruction pull this off.   It is filmed in the historic La Sierra High gym.  It is the training for the ‘White Level’…so this was the level every Freshman would start with at this program.