The Motivation Factor


This award-winning documentary shows the irreplaceable role Physical Education plays to develop social unity and become smart, productive & mentally stable citizens, and the out-of-control consequences we face today with its absence in our society.

“This film is going to change America”

Brian Johnston, Director
Life Fest Film Festival
Hollywood, CA

Film Festival Awards

“I hope we never find a day in America, where only a few are out on the field;  I hope all Americans will be on the field.”

John F. Kennedy

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With over 250 interviews in 28 States, ‘The Motivation Factor’ is the most comprehensive look at the ‘why’ we must exercise, and surprisingly links some of our most challenging problems in our society today to the absence of ‘real’ physical education in our lives.  It contains interviews with the world’s leading educators, scientists, and physicians.  Nothing like it on this topic has ever been approached on film.  Here’s just a partial list of the cast: