Doug Orchard

Doug Orchard, MLS  |  Producer/Director/Cinematography/Edit


Doug Orchard, MLS, is The Motivation Factor’s Producer, Director, and filmmaker. He was introduced to the film industry while serving as Chairman of a streaming media start-up in 1999, and began directing corporate projects in 2001. Most of his work from 2001 through 2008 was spent working on corporate projects in medicine for patient testimonials, as well as projects in real estate and finance. He directed his first documentary film in 2009, ‘The Truth about Pandemic Flu’ which featured former US Health Secretary and 4-term Governor, Tommy Thompson, and the CDC, FDA, and world leading scientists. That was a corporate funded project. Mr. Orchard loved the experience making a documentary, but did not enjoy the pressure for the film’s message to match the interest of the funding source.  He loved working in a team environment as long as creative autonomy and true objectivity were possible.  Although he ultimately was able to come to an acceptable balance on that project,  he chose to self-fund his next 3 documentary films to preserve complete objectivity.   He directed, filmed and edited ‘The Motivation Factor’ by himself (which he started in 2013), and shortly after beginning this project, he directed, filmed and edited ‘Revenue Reserve (2014)’ which received strong praise from that niche industry of commercial real estate.  His third independent film will be released in the early fall 2017.

As a filmmaker, Mr. Orchard is interested in ideas that were universally practiced historically but stopped as a consequence of technology, and its value to merits reconsideration with recent scientific.  He works with the world’s leading scientists, historians, and subject experts, and has not accepted financial support from them, or paid them for their participation.

For The Motivation Factor, he saw how at-risk children in inner cities could overcome circumstances through PE, which the film demonstrates.

Mr. Orchard has been independent of any political affiliation since 2006 and feels he must remain politically neutral as a filmmaker for the types of films he creates. He takes a strong research approach to his films. He does not write out the film prior to his interviews, nor does he write questions prior to his interviews, but builds the entire project organically, and simply follows the story where it leads.

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